HE - Health
Scadenza: 11 aprile 2024

  • HORIZON-HLTH-2024-DISEASE-08 - tackling diseases - 2 open topics
  • HORIZON-HLTH-2024-IND-06 - a competitive health-related industry - 2 open topics
  • HORIZON-HLTH-2024-TOOL-11 - tools and technologies for a healthy society - 1 open topic

HE - Culture, Creativity and Inclusive Society 
Scadenza: 07 febbraio 2024

  • Call - Past, present and future of democracies
    HORIZON-CL2-2024-DEMOCRACY-01: 12 topics
  • Call - Research and innovation on cultural heritage and CCIs - 2024
    HORIZON-CL2-2024-HERITAGE-01: 5 topics
  • Call - A sustainable future for Europe
    HORIZON-CL2-2024-TRANSFORMATIONS-01: 11 topics

HE - Digital, Industry and Space
Scadenze: varie, 07 febbraio, 19 marzo, 21 marzo 2024

HE - Climate, Energy and Mobility
Scadenze: varie, 16 gennaio, 5 marzo, 18 aprile 2024

  • Call - Climate sciences and responses
    HORIZON-CL5-2024-D1-01: 7 topics
  • Call - Cross-sectoral solutions for the climate transition 
    HORIZON-CL5-2024-D2: 5 topics
  • Call - Sustainable, secure and competitive energy supply 
    HORIZON-CL5-2024-D3-01: 17 topics
  • Call - Efficient, sustainable and inclusive energy use 
    HORIZON-CL5-2024-D4: 3 topics
  • Call - Clean and competitive solutions for all transport modes 
    HORIZON-CL5-2024-D5-01: 18 topics

HE - Food, Bioeconomy Natural Resources, Agriculture and Environment 
Scadenze: varie,  21, 22 e 28 febbraio, marzo 

  • Call - Innovative governance, environmental observations and digital solutions in support of the Green Deal
    HORIZON-CL6-2024-GOVERNANCE-01: 12 topics
  • Call - Clean environment and zero pollution 
    HORIZON-CL6-2024-ZEROPOLLUTION-01: 3 topics
    HORIZON-CL6-2024-ZEROPOLLUTION-02: 2 topics
  • Call - Biodiversity and ecosystem services 
    HORIZON-CL6-2024-BIODIV-01: 9 topics
    HORIZON-CL6-2024-BIODIV-02: 3 toipics
  • Call - Circular economy and bioeconomy sectors 
    HORIZON-CL6-2024-CircBio-01: 10 topics
    HORIZON-CL6-2024-CircBio-02: 6 topics
  • Call - Land, oceans and water for climate action 
    HORIZON-CL6-2024-CLIMATE-01: 7 topics
  • Call - Resilient, inclusive, healthy and green rural, coastal and urban communities
    HORIZON-CL6-2024-COMMUNITIES-01: 3 topics
    HORIZON-CL6-2024-COMMUNITIES-02: 2 topics
  • Call - Fair, healthy and environmentally-friendly food systems from primary production to consumption 
    HORIZON-CL6-2024-FARM2FORK-01: 11 topics
    HORIZON-CL6-2024-FARM2FORK-02: 7 topics

Scadenze: varie, 7 e 12 marzo 2024

  • HORIZON-WIDERA-2024-ERA-01 - enhancing the European R&I system
    This supports proposals that set out a credible pathway to reforming and enhancing the European R&I system.  12 topics open
  • HORIZON-WIDERA-2023-ACCESS-07-01 - excellence hubs
    This supports the establishment of excellence hubs focusing on innovation by allowing innovation ecosystems in widening countries and beyond to team up and create better linkages between academia, business, government and society. 
    2 topics open

HE - European Innovation Council (EIC)
Scadenze: varie, 7 marzo, 18 settembre, 16 ottobre 2024, any time for Acceleartor short application

  • EIC Pathfinder
    HORIZON-EIC-2024-PATHFINDEROPEN-01 (Forthcoming)
    This supports early-stage development of new technology, with potential to create new market or to address global challenges. 
    This supports early-stage development of new technology, with potential to create new market or to address global challenges.
    ”Solar-to-X” devices Towards cement and concrete as a carbon sink
    Nature inspired alternatives for food packaging and films
    Nanoelectronics for energy-efficient smart edge devices
    Protecting EU space infrastructure
  • EIC Transition
    HORIZON-EIC-2024-TRANSITIONOPEN-01 (Forthcoming)
    This supports projects in any field of science, technology or application as well as challenge driven funding on specific strategic fields. 
  • EIC Accelerator
    Scadenza: nessuna per l'invio delle short application, 13 marzo e 3 ottobre 2024 per le full applications
    HORIZON-EIC-2024-ACCELERATOROPEN-01 (Forthcoming)
    This supports companies (principally SMEs, including start-ups) to scale up high impact innovations with the potential to create new markets or disrupt existing ones. EIC Accelerator Open, which has no predefined thematic priorities and is open to proposals in any field of technology or application
    EIC Accelerator Challenges in predefined areas of emerging and strategic technologies:
    Human Centric Generative AI
    Virtual worlds and augmented interaction, including support to Industry 5.0
    Enabling the smart edge & quantum technology components
    Food from precision fermentation and algae
    Monoclonal antibody-based therapeutics for emerging viruses
    Renewable energy sources and their whole value chain


EU Joint Programme - Neurodegenerative Disease Research (JPND)
Scadenze: 7 marzo 2024
Large scale analysis of OMICS data for drug-target finding in neurodegenerative diseases
This aims to establish a number of ambitious, innovative, multi-disciplinary and multi-national collaborative research projects that seek to improve the understanding of the complex and multifactorial pathogenesis of neurodegenerative diseases by applying multi-OMICs and Big data approaches in order to generate useful information for the diagnosis, treatment, prognosis, and drug discovery of neurodegenerative diseases.

IHI call 6 (two-stage) - Forthcoming
  • Support healthcare system resilience through a focus on persistency in the treatment of chronic diseases
  • Development of practical guidance and recommendations for using real world data/real world evidence in healthcare decision-making

IHI call 7 (single-stage) - Forthcoming

  • Improving clinical management of heart disease from early detection to treatment
  • User-centric technologies and optimised hospital workflows for a sustainable healthcare workforce
  • Clinical validation of biomarkers for diagnosis, monitoring disease progression and treatment response

EuroHPC Joint Undertaking
Scadenza: varie, 9, 31 gennaio, 7, 27 febbraio, 14 maggio, 6 giugno 2024

  • HORIZON-EUROHPC-JU-2023-COE-03-01 - Call on Centres Of Excellence For Exascale HPC Applications
    The goal is to develop or scale up existing application codes towards exascale performance, resulting into tangible benefits mainly for scientific challenges. Proposals will exploit existing federated resources around Europe, developing available competences, and ensuring multidisciplinary (combining application domain and HPC system, software and algorithm expertise)
  • HORIZON-EUROHPC-JU-2023-INTER-02-01 - Innovation Action in Low Latency and High Bandwidth Interconnects
    The aim is to support the R&I technology development of innovative and competitive European HPC inter-node interconnect technology
  • HORIZON-EUROHPC-JU-2023-ENERGY-04-01 - Energy Efficient Technologies in HPC
    The action will establish and implement a strategic R&I initiative contributing to the development of innovative HPC software technology integrated with cross-layer energy-monitoring metrics tailored for exascale and post-exascale supercomputers
  • DIGITAL-EUROHPC-JU-2023-AISC-03 - Support Centre for HPC-powered Artificial Intelligence (AI) Applications
    This supports the establishment of an operational AI Support center (AISC) to provide services for AI communities, enabling AI users and developers to benefit from recent investments in a federated European supercomputing infrastructure and ecosystem
  • HORIZON-EUROHPC-JU-2023-QEC-05-01 - European Quantum Excellence Centres (QECs) in applications for science and industry
    This supports the creation of two European Quantum Excellence Centres in applications, covering science and industry, with the aim of establishing a one-stop-shop for industry, academia, and the wider quantum technology user community
  • DIGITAL-EUROHPC-JU-2023-ACADEMY-02-01 - EuroHPC Virtual Training Academy
    This aims to establish the EuroHPC Academy covering the multidisciplinary field of HPC, including related areas such as emerging technologies (e. g. quantum computing), and its cross-cutting dimension.

 Creative Europe Programme (CREA)
Scadenza: varie tra il 18 gennaio e il 14 maggio 2024

   CREA-CULT-2024-COOP-2 European Cooperation projects Medium Scale
   CREA-CULT-2024-COOP-1 European Cooperation projects Small Scale
   CREA-CULT-2024-PECE Pan-European Cultural Entities
   CREA-CULT-2024-PLAT European Platforms for the promotion of emerging artists
   CREA-CULT-2024-NET European Networks of Cultural and Creative Organisations
   CREA-CROSS-2024-JOURPART-PLURALISM NEWS - Journalism Partnerships – Pluralism
   CREA-CROSS-2024-INNOVLAB Innovation Lab
   CREA-CROSS-2024-MEDIALITERACY NEWS - Media literacy
   CREA-CROSS-2024-JOURPART-COLLABORATIONS NEWS - Journalism Partnerships – Collaborations

JPI Oceans
Scadenza: 1 marzo 2024
This aims to further advance scientific knowledge in support of policy making on deep-sea mining, while facilitating the analysis of related ethical implications and societal consequences. The main topics are:
Ecosystem dynamics, Ecological impacts of polymetallic nodule mining, Ecological impacts of massive sulphide mining, Science-based support to governance

Connecting Europe Facility (CEF)
Scadenza: varie tra il 9 gennaio e il 20 febbraio 2024

The Connecting Europe Facility is a key EU funding instrument to promote growth, jobs and competitiveness through infrastructure investment at European level
CEF Transport

   CEF-T-2023-SIMOBGEN (12 topics)
   CEF-T-2023-COMPCOEN (4 topics)
   CEF-T-2023-COMPGEN (4 topics)
   CEF-T-2023-CORECOEN (4 topics)
   CEF-T-2023-COREGEN (4 topics)
   CEF-T-2023-SAFEMOBCOEN (3 topics)
   CEF-T-2023-SAFEMOBGEN (3 topics)
   CEF-T-2023-SUSTMOBGEN (2 topics)
   CEF-T-2023-SIMOBCOEN (1 topics)

CEF Digital

   CEF-DIG-2023-5GCORRIDORS (2 topics)
   CEF-DIG-2023-GATEWAYS (2 topics)
   CEF-DIG-2023-5GSMARTCOM-EDGE (1 topics)

CEF Energy

   CEF-E-2023-CBRENEW-PREPSTUDIES (1 topics)

Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values Programme (CERV) 
Scadenza: varie tra il 29 febbraio al 24 aprile 2024   

  • CERV-2024-CHILD - rights of the child and children’s participation
  • CERV-2024-CITIZENS-VALUES - civil society organisations active on protecting and promoting Union values: call to intermediaries (giving financial support to third parties)
  • CERV-2024-CITIZENS-TOWN-NT - Networks of Towns
  • CERV-2024-DAPHNE - Call for proposals to prevent and combat gender-based violence and violence against children
  • CERV-2024-DATA - Call for proposals to national data protection authorities on reaching out to stakeholders in data protection legislation
  • CERV-2024-GE - Call for proposals to promote gender equality
  • CERV-2024-NRCP - Call for proposals to National Roma Contact Points for Roma equality, inclusion and participation

Digital Europe Programme (DIGITAL)
Scadenza: varie tra il 23 gennaio, 21 marzo 2024

The European Health and Digital Executive Agency invites proposals for its call on cloud, data and artificial intelligence. To facilitate the development of the data market and the general capitalisation of data, the Commission is investing in common European data spaces in strategic economic areas and areas of public interest, including:

  • DIGITAL-2023-CLOUD-DATA-AI-05-CULTHERITAGE – data space for cultural heritage: for projects that will support cultural heritage institutions in making use of 3D and XR technologies and linking up to the data space
  • DIGITAL-2023-CLOUD-DATA-AI-05-DATATOURISM – data space for tourism: for projects that seek to deploy a secure and trusted common European data space for tourism

This supports projects in the area of advanced digital skills aimed at improving the capacity to nurture and attract digital talents in Europe, fostering an educational ecosystem that will help drive innovation and digital breakthroughs and strengthening preparedness of the key sectors and response action across the EU to cyberthreats. The following topics are available:

  • DIGITAL-2023-SKILLS-05-SPECIALISED-EDU - Specialised Education Programmes in Key Capacity Areas
  • DIGITAL-2023-SKILLS-05-CYBERACADEMY - Cybersecurity Skills Academy
  • DIGITAL-2023-SKILLS-05-SPECIAL-PROGEDU - Specialised Education Programmes in Key Capacity Areas: advanced digital skills analysis


  • DIGITAL-ECCC-2024-DEPLOY-CYBER-06-ENABLINGTECH - Novel applications of AI and other enabling technologies for security operation centres
  • DIGITAL-ECCC-2024-DEPLOY-CYBER-06-PQCINDUSTRY - Deployment of Post Quantum Cryptography in systems in industrial sectors
  • DIGITAL-ECCC-2024-DEPLOY-CYBER-06-COMPLIANCECRA - Tools for compliance with CRA requirements and obligations
  • DIGITAL-ECCC-2024-DEPLOY-CYBER-06-STANDARDPQC - Standardisation and awareness of the European transition to post-quantum cryptography
  • DIGITAL-ECCC-2024-DEPLOY-CYBER-06-STRENGTHENCRA - Strengthen Cybersecurity capacities of European SMEs in line with CRA requirements and obligations

Chips JU is launching this Call to enhance existing and develop new advanced pilot lines across the Union to enable development and deployment of cutting-edge semiconductor technologies and next-generation semiconductors.

  • DIGITAL-JU-Chips-2023-SG-CPL-1 - Pilot line on advanced sub 2nm leading-edge system on chip technology
  • DIGITAL-JU-Chips-2023-SG-CPL-2 - Pilot line on advanced Fully Depleted Silicon On Insulator technologies targeting 7nm
  • DIGITAL-JU-Chips-2023-SG-CPL-3 - Pilot line on advanced Packaging and Heterogenous Integration
  • DIGITAL-JU-Chips-2023-SG-CPL-4 - Pilot line on advanced semiconductor devices based on Wide Bandgap materials

DIGITAL-EUROHPC-JU-2023-ACADEMY-02 - EuroHPC Virtual Training Academy


Sono aperte le registrazioni per gli IHI Call Days, che si svolgeranno dal 10 al 25 gennaio 2024. La partecipazione permette di accedere alle sessioni informative e di presentazione delle opportunità di networking tramite la piattaforma Call Days.